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Numbers matter and ours speak for themselves. Madein:Media took off in 2018, and since then, it has not stopped flying high.

When you add passion, commitment and method, results don’t take to arrive.

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the flight. We'll take care of the rest :)

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We guide you
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Every client is unique. Each of our fellow travellers is important to us.

When we receive a budget, we establish the number of hours we dedicate to that client so that our work achieves the necessary results.

We will not charge you more if you are a large company, nor will we neglect you if you are a small company.

You will know that you have found the right online marketing agency because we will guide you, advise you and listen to you to align your sales targets with your online strategy.

We would love to see you fly high and fly with you.

Contact us and tell us your goals. We will help you map the journey.

Our experience,
our wings

Relax: We understand you.

A company has to be profitable and for that, any investment in online marketing must be profitable too.

At Madein:Media, we always propose online strategies aligned with your sales targets and establish all the necessary parameters to measure the effectiveness of your online actions.

Thanks to this, you will be informed at all times about the status of your project, the actions that are profitable and those which need to be given greater attention.

With more than 10 years of experience in online marketing, we can assure you that each client will receive the appropriate actions for each of their demands. Our empathy ensures that your investment is in safe hands.

Our amazing

Personal relationships are very important in companies. Trust, involvement and the desire to contribute to each project are essential.

We have a reputation for being a united team, working towards a common goal. Everyone contributes their knowledge so that our customers can fly high.

Our day-to-day work cannot be imagined without smiles and good vibes. We dedicate our all to each project, and it is impossible to move forward without trust and optimism.

Ernesto Entrambasaguas
Front/Back End Web Developer

I love my work! Every new project is a window open to my creativity. I am able to develop any idea that you have in your mind. Just tell me about it :)

César Martín
Paid Media Specialist Google Ads

I consider myself a competitive person, that is why I am passionate about managing campaigns on Google Ads. Introverted but charismatic. I’m highly committed to your project.

Manuel Román
Seo Manager & Email Marketing Specialist

Statistics are my passion. I love to follow the evolution of each project and bring it to fruition. I love comics and science fiction films.

To fly VERY high

Madein: Media's team spirit makes our work achieve RESULTS. In the past few months we have not stopped receiving new talents in our crew with suitcases full of enthusiasm and energy.

We are proud of each member of the agency. Our work can only be understood by joining efforts. We are a GREAT team and we feel part of each client's team.

David Fernandez
Junior Backend Developer

Create, create and create. Developing something from scratch is so exciting. You can find me programming or playing video games :)

Jesús Gomar

Don't reach your audience? I am passionate about reaching goals creatively and giving it that distinctive touch.

Isabel Pomares
Web Designer

I love giving heart and life to every web design. Each project is a new creative challenge!

Laura Cobos
Social Media

Talking? I love communicating! Writing is my passion and applying it to my daily work at the agency is my greatest illusion.

Laura Sepúlveda

Numbers, organization and facilitating the work of the team. They are like pieces of a puzzle… I love when everything fits together.

The only thing needed is you!

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